Our Core Values.

We Know Your Business

In order to build software for your business, we have to understand your business. Our experienced Product Managers personally work with you to understand your operations, know your market, identify the competitive landscape, and ensure the solutions we are developing are solving the right problems.

We Exceed Excellence

Nothing outsourced. You will meet our team face to face. Professional coding practices aren’t an afterthought – they are the foundation of everything we do. We ensure your code can be maintained by us or anybody else that touches it in the future.

We Practice Honesty

When problems come up, why hide? At BitMatrix we promise to be transparent. Changes and problems are a reality in every project and the last thing we want is to surprise you with them. You will always be informed and regularly updated on changes, progress and updates throughout the life of your project.

We Are Creative

We aren’t satisfied with ‘only doing what is on paper’. Our talented team of senior designers and developers draw upon their experience to give you advice on ideas that coordinate with your operations.
Why come up with all the ideas yourself?

About Our Process

Understanding Your Business

We understand your business. We've been there from startup to success and we know what it takes to elevate you to the next level.

Weekly Check-Ins

Some companies give you a delivery date months in the future and you don't hear from them unless something is wrong. We check in weekly to update you on progress and address issues before they become problems.

Ongoing Discovery

Requirements change and we know that. We don't create a specification and follow it to the letter. Instead, we develop in an agile process that allows us to react quickly to changing requirements.